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AAA grade amethyst crystals set, amethysts clusters with green jasper, Uruguayan top quality amethysts

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This AAA grade amethyst crystals set has the highest quality of the semi precious stones.





Weight total 5.2 lb (2389 gr)


✧ Our gemstones are packaged one by one very carefully in a PREMIUM RIGID GIFT BOX with cushioned interior protection that protects it from any impact, (do not risk buying stones wrapped in just a paper). The premium gift box allows you to give it as a jewelry piece.

✧ The back and base of these amethysts are absolutely ORGANIC AND NATURAL (Basalt), it didn't suffer any chemical process.

✧ The cathedral upright shape allows you to place vertically on bedside table, shelf or any table in your home or office.

✧ It´s the perfect gift to give as a housewarming or graduation gift, because Amethyst is the Third Eye Chakra Stone, that mean that is a healing stone that offer PROTECTION, WISDOM AND BALANCE.

✧ Amethysts are one of the most popular healing minerals. It is essential for those who work on healing themselves and others, as it purifies energy at all levels. It helps became negative thoughts into positives, providing a perfect balance to solve emotional conflicts and clarify the mind.

✧ Amethyst are the right crystal to help carrying a grief. It helps you to adjust to any loss you have suffered, offering spiritual protection and comfort. It allies you to your spirit guides.

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Customer Reviews

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Jan Bauch
I'm so happy that I chose this seller to b...

I'm so happy that I chose this seller to buy my crystal set from for our crystal anniversary. Fantastic girls. The box the set came in is beautiful, now being kept as memory box and it was wrapped beautifully. I'd had the set in my favourites for ages so I was lucky they were still available when I came to buy. I must admit I had trouble deciding on one single item or the set of 3. There is so much beautiful choice. It's a fantastic memorable present to ourselves. I love how all items have a video attached so you know exactly what you're getting. The girls have an amazing eye for detail in selling. So many don't go to this trouble. Considering the country of origin I was really impressed on how quickly it arrived too. Thanks girls for an amazing set.

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