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Amethyst Cut Base Crystal, Quartz Geodes, AAA Grade, Amethyst Free Standing Crystal

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This geode was extracted from URUGUAY. It was extracted respecting the strict standards of open-pit mining in our country that ensure the safe work.




Width: 3 in x Height: 5 in. Weight 2.4 lb (1098 gr)


✧ Our gemstones are packaged one by one very carefully in a PREMIUM RIGID GIFT BOX with cushioned interior protection that protects it from any impact, (do not risk buying stones wrapped in just a paper). The premium gift box allows you to give it as a jewelry piece.

✧ The back and base of these amethysts are absolutely ORGANIC AND NATURAL (Basalt), it didn't suffer any chemical process.

✧ The cathedral upright shape allows you to place vertically on bedside table, shelf or any table in your home or office.

✧ It´s the perfect gift to give as a housewarming or graduation gift, because Amethyst is the Third Eye Chakra Stone, that mean that is a healing stone that offer PROTECTION, WISDOM AND BALANCE.

✧ Amethysts are one of the most popular healing minerals. It is essential for those who work on healing themselves and others, as it purifies energy at all levels. It helps became negative thoughts into positives, providing a perfect balance to solve emotional conflicts and clarify the mind.

✧ Amethyst are the right crystal to help carrying a grief. It helps you to adjust to any loss you have suffered, offering spiritual protection and comfort. It allies you to your spirit guides.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sharon Marquardt
Gorgeous large Amethyst Crystal cluster, g...

Gorgeous large Amethyst Crystal cluster, great communication from sellers, packed really well. Thank you

Tara Jacobi
My third amethyst from Jessica and Carla....

My third amethyst from Jessica and Carla. Stunning as usual . Can't say enough about this shop!! 💜🩷

Ruth Prohaska
Excellent quality and impressive packaging...

Excellent quality and impressive packaging--also, the seller is very responsive and responsible.

I. Frami
So fortunate to find this shop! I have bee...

So fortunate to find this shop! I have been wanting to get some real amethyst crystals but was always fearful of getting a forged version of it. This is the real thing! They are beautiful, one of the most beautiful things I have had in my hands. I connected with them right away. I got four pieces and one of them has even jasper in it. Pictures don't make them justice. They come really well packaged. I was impressed. The seller is great communicating. I recommended this shop 100%. I will continue to support this business.

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