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Crystal Ball, Amethyst sphere, Housewarming gift, Agate Sphere

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This amethyst and agate sphere has the highest quality of the semi precious stones, and bring to your life good vibes only :)

☾ It was extracted from Artigas, URUGUAY.

It was carefully polished around so you can appreciate all the details of the agate formations: in shades of black and gray.

☾ MEASURES (approximately):

0.8 Lb. (403 gr) 2.5 in diameter.

Carob wood base included.
This piece of natural wood designed especially to hold the sphere completes a great product, making it more aesthetic and safe (protects it from falls).

This gemstone is absolutely ORGANIC AND NATURAL, it didn't suffer any chemical process.

Our gemstones was packaged one by one very carefully in a PREMIUM RIGID GIFT BOX with cushioned interior protection that protects it from any impact, (do not risk buying stones wrapped in just a paper). The premium gift box allows you to give it as a jewelry piece.

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Product from Uruguay

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Pink Sheila Ambray
Thank you for the fast shipping. This huge...

Thank you for the fast shipping. This huge piece is stunning! 10 stars💜

Gabe Lin
Well packed and fast delivery! This is a t...

Well packed and fast delivery! This is a trusted seller! The amethyst sphere I got is genuine and looks so beautiful. I love it very much!

Krystel Van Der Wilt
A stunning gift of nature beautifully expo...

A stunning gift of nature beautifully exposed by the hand of man. Excellently packaged and fast delivered.
Thank you

Mya Davis
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Larry Meyer
Perfect, and nothing less

I was extremely impressed with this piece of heaven. I could not be happier. I am so thankful for not only my gift, but the company behind this all.

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